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Love at Home

The Washington Ghanaian SDA church held, for the first time on February 16 2019, a Love At Home concert. The youth department taking opportunity of the fact the "Love” was in the air due to Valentine's Day, used the concert as a teaching and evangelistic opportunity to minister to both young and old audiences on what true love is, especially as exhibited in the Christian home and relationships in contrast to the world. The idea was that Love, in all its forms, originates as a Biblical concept that needs to be taught to the congregation and community before the world teaches them  the distorted version.

It was a night filled with poetry on love, skits on family life, spoken messages, and selected Christian love musical numbers from different groups and individuals such as the Washington Ghanaian SDA Youth Choir, the First Nova SDA Youth Choir, the Washington Ghanaian SDA Choir etc.

It was a night that to be remembered due to the passion that was shown by the various performing groups. The audience could feel their sincerity and applauded as well as gave a standing ovation during the event. The gifting of the stage filled with instrumentalists contributed to the performers giving their best and trusting the lead of their accompaniment. There was also a photo booth where one could take snaps in remembrance of a  shared and valued experience they want to be kept in their memories. The red, white and black theme, the decorations, candles, roses, chocolates were incorporated to make it aesthetically pleasing. Also, as a way of affirming unity in marriage, despite the high divorce rate in our world, the program recognized couples who had been married for several years.

This program was organized primarily by the youth ministry but strategically engaging and utilizing almost every other ministry, and talent of the church. The church was united in its purpose of sharing love with each other, and the community. We had several guest from the community who  willingly came to share in the love.

Overall the event was a huge blessing, as seen in the evaluation feedback. For example, 100% of the respondents said they will be interested in future Love at Home programs, about 85% of the respondent said they were not able to invite people to the concert; however, about 94% of the respondents said they were willing to invite people to future Love at Home concerts or similar.

The Washington Ghanaian SDA church hopes to continue hosting future Love at Home and similar concerts to share what true love is to their community just like God loved us all

Contributed by Afua Frimpong