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Women's Ministries

Many times we are asked the question, “What is Women’s Ministries and what does it do for the women of the church?” If I were to answer this question in three words, it would be to: Nurture, Empower, & Outreach. These three words express what Women’s Ministries is about and what we do.

Our aim is to support, nurture and empower Women in our Church and Communities in the areas of spiritual and personal development. Having a daily relationship with Jesus is vital to our growth as daughters of God. To this end, we have created a number of Bible study lessons and seminars that emphasize the importance of prayer, Bible study, and personal devotions.

We seek to empower women through ongoing programs within the church on Women’s Day two times per year, and weekly Bible studies led mostly by women and other experts within the church family. Ellen White tells us that each woman; “every woman is of inestimable value in the sight of our heavenly father. He created woman to stand by the side of man, equal in value before God, and associated with him in the work he was given to do. The Father gave his only begotten Son to die for the entire human race, individually and collectively, male and female.”

We also help women through abuse prevention, economic and literacy empowerment, cooking classes, related health ministries, child development, parenting, menopause, and support for the newly wedded lady and many others.

Finally, we train, encourage, and motivate women to be involved in outreach through friendship evangelism, plant a seed ministry, public evangelism, small group ministry, and much more. We believe that our name, Women’s Ministries, indicates clearly what we are about: women involved in service to others. Each woman using the gifts that God has given her to draw others to Jesus by first experiencing the love of Jesus through us.

God has called each woman to serve Him and others and we cannot ignored the call. We say, “Send me Lord.”

Our Greeting: Women for Christ (Kristo mu Mma), and the response is: Lift Him up (Ma No So), we are precious in His Sight (Ye Y3 Mma Y3 Som Bo).